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Announcement: FDT 2016-2017 Company & Apprentice Company Audition


PIHOS A Moving Biography November 8-9 at 8:00 in the Firehouse Theatre!


Shakespeare’d: An Evening of Dance & Sonnets May 3-4 at 8:00 @ LHUCA!

FlatlandsDance 12x18 PRINTFlatlands Dance Theatre has created an evocative, passionate concert inspired by Shakespearean love sonnets. Missouri-based guest artist Tricia Zweier, local artist Valerie Komkov Hill, and local dramaturg Karen Wurl have joined the company in the production of contemporary, dance/theatre interpretations of the beloved sonnets. Shakespeare’d will be presented in the Firehouse Theatre at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts on Friday, May 3rd and Saturday, May 4th, 2013 at 8:00 pm. Ticket prices include a $3 Select-a-seat surcharge, and are $20 general admission and $12 for students with ID and seniors. Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling Select-A-Seat at (806) 770-2000.

No. 8 – Choreographer Kyla Olson explores the theme of singlehood presented in the coinciding numbered sonnet from Shakespeare. Drawing inspiration from personal experience, she examines current trends in singlehood, marriage and family life and how those closely relate to the sonnet written centuries ago. In this quartet to Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons recomposed by musician Max Richter, Olson questions how much viewpoints have changed on traditional pathways in life and love.

Trace – Choreographer Ali Duffy reimagines Sonnet 15 as an episodic duet incorporating dance, personal interview narrative, and Shakespeare’s writings. Immortality, memory, infatuation, and perception are all explored in the work. It is thought that Shakespeare was interested in capturing moments of perfection in effort to immortalize his Muse. Thus, how can writing and language capture the essence of a living presence?

So Long Lives This…  Choreographer Sarah Mondle examines Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 from the perspective of time and its passing. For all things “fair from fair” fade away, but the abstract: words and ideas will continue on. “Statues and tombs with age consume and die, ‘tis verse alone has immortality”-Ovid

Crumble – Choreographer Genevieve Durham DeCesaro uses Shakespeare’s Sonnet 74 in this exploration of perceptions of living and dying. The dancers move through states of evolution, breakdown, anxiety, relief, fear, and recovery as they investigate Shakespeare’s suggestion that the body’s death is insignificant compared to the everlasting nature of the human spirit. Durham DeCesaro challenges this idea with text and imagery designed to question the idea of an eternal spirit.

Stuck in Winter – Guest artist Tricia Zweier finds herself out of place and out of sync as she enters a stage bursting with summers optimism. Humorous and intimate, choreographer Rachel Ure’s Stuck in Winter explores the way that longing and loss can put one at juxtaposition with the world around them. (Inspired by Sonnet 97)

Duel – Inspired by William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 100, Nicole Wesley explores the struggle of artist’s block and the redemption of creative invention through her new work Duel. The clock is ticking… Where is that inspiration?  Do you have it?  If so, I want it back.

If looks could kill, I’m expecting your glance – Choreographer Tricia Zweier investigates the anxieties that emerge within the undercurrents of three quirky characters whose struggle for attention breaks rather than binds. (Inspired by Sonnet 139)

In Past Cure, choreographer, Valerie Komkov Hill explores the trajectory of a relationship through three phases: Infatuation, Love, and Betrayal, and reveals how the filter of passionate emotions can change the lover’s perception of the beloved. (Inspired by Sonnet 147)

FDT presents a TTU funded project – Ordinary Wars, March 23 at 7:00 pm in TTU’s Lab Theatre!