In Quiet Tribute, 2015

(Choreography by Sarah Mondle)“>


Nine Months, 2015

(Choreography by Genevieve Durham DeCesaro)“>


Courage to Move, 2015

(Choreography by Molly Roberts, Aerial work by )“>“>


Daily Shuffle, 2015

(Choreography by Sarah Mondle and Kyla Olson)“>


Shoo Be Doo Wop, 2015

(Choreography by Ali Duffy)“>


Rhythm & Grooves, 2015

(Choreography by Sarah Mondle)“>


Crumble, 2014

(Choreography by Genevieve Durham DeCesaro)“>


Please Remove Your Shoes, 2014

(Choreography by Emily Winton)“>


Catherine, 2014

(Choreography by Kyla Olson and Suzanne Aker)“>


Belong, 2014

(Choreography by Valerie Hill, Photography by Naomi Hill)“>“>


Duel, 2014

(Choreography by Nicole Wesley)“>


Everything is Under Pressure, 2014

(Choreography by Ali Duffy, composition by Seth Warren Crow, sculpture by Will Cannings)“>


Past Cure, 2014

(Choreography by Valerie Hill)“>


Onset of Alzheimer’s (excerpt of PIHOS A Moving Biography)

(Choreography by Melissa Pihos)“>


Trace, 2014

(Choreography by Ali Duffy)“>


If looks could kill, I’m expecting your glance, 2014

(Choreography by Tricia Zweier)“>


Ordinary Wars, 2013

(Choreography by Genevieve Durham, DeCesaro, Ali Duffy, and Kyla Olson)“>


What the Flock, 2013

(Choreography by Valerie Hill)“>“>


Of Earth and Sky, 2013

(Choreography by Ali Duffy, Body Percussion by Kris Olson, Projection design by Brian Wheeler)“>


Runaway, 2013

(Choreography by Genevieve Durham DeCesaro)“>


So Long Lives This, 2013

(Choreography by Sarah Mondle)“>


Lumina, 2012

(Choreography by Rachel Ure, Lighting designs by Emmett Buhmann)“>


See the Modern Woman, 2012

(Choreography by Genevieve Durham DeCesaro and Kyla Olson)“>


Stomping Grounds, 2012

(Choreography by Ali Duffy)“>



In Quiet Tribute, 2011

(Choreography by Sarah Mondle)“>


We Are All on Fire, 2011

(Choreography by Genevieve Durham DeCesaro)“>


Shoo Be Doo Wop, 2011

(Choreography by Ali Duffy)“>


Anchor/Armor, 2011

(Choreography by Ali Duffy)“>“>


She Is, 2011

(Choreography by Kyla Olson)“>


Chocolate, 2010

(Choreography by Posey Knight)“>

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