FDT Presents “Unveiled” with Kristy Kristinek, September 21 & 22 at the 5&J Gallery

unveiledFlatlands Dance Theatre’s newest work, Unveiled,represents an extended collaboration with visual artist Kristy Kristinek who invokes her own bodily memories of being a dancer into her award-winning, gestural paintings. Kristinek and choreographers Ali Duffy and Almendra Gonzalez create a landscape of movement in a multi-media performance event. Viewers encounter layers of art: Hanging installation works, completed paintings on surrounding walls, live painting, improvisation, and dance create an atmosphere of immediacy, asking viewers to consider the following questions: When does art happen– in the past, present, or future? What remains after a performance is over?

Unveiled will be presented on Friday, September 21stand Saturday, September 22ndat 7:30pm in the 5&J Gallery at CASP (602 Avenue J). There are no tickets necessary for admittance. The suggested admission price (cash or card at the door) is $10 for adults and $5 for students/children.

Painter: Kristy Kristinek

Choreographers: Ali Duffy and Almendra Gonzalez

Performers:Allison Beaty, Sulma Benitez, Tyra Bradford, Grayson Bradshaw, Ali Duffy, Sarah Estrada, Courtney Ferguson, Almendra Gonzalez, Sarah Mondle, Kris Olson, Molly Roberts, Sarah Sabin, Morgan Smith, Tamara Smith, Rachel Ure, and Breana Young

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